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atendit is the product and Did U Remember To LLC is the product owner.
The Company headquarters in Stamford , Connecticut, USA

Company Background

Did U Remember To LLC created its premier product atendit™ based on a novel idea, what if I could be reminded of something just as I was leaving home!

The idea for the Company jumped out when the co-founder, Christine, said to her father co-founder, Bob, “Ohhh, I almost forgot my….!”, just as she was leaving the house. “You know dad it would be a great idea to have a reminder on your phone just as you were leaving home.”

From that exchange came a patent pending product that is a combination of a Bluetooth Low Energy beacon, we call a Sensor, and a mobile app for providing “event driven conditional reminders, notices and alerts”.

As the development effort progressed new ideas for the use of atendit just kept coming up, so that today the initial release includes features like the Umbrella Reminder (if there is rain in the local forecast you get a reminder to bring your umbrella), Security Alert (overnight while you sleep with your phone charging in your bedroom any distrubance - door movement - produces an alert) and Silent Doorbell (where someone entering your shop or office triggers a notice so you can greet them right away). The latter two features came from an investor who said “I’d like to see some business uses as well as personal uses.”

Today we have a robust Product Roadmap including first to release atendit for Android smart phones and then many new features and functions.

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